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Create Account at WebbyLinks

Step 1 - Create an Employer Account:

Select 'Create Account' from the menu above. When you set up an employer account with WebbyLinks™ you will need to do only two things:

Step 2: Add our WebbyLinks URL to your website:
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Open postions button example

This link can be added to your site a number of ways:

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When Adding WebbyLinks to your site you may elect to install it one of two ways:
  • Directly onto your site:
  • Choosing this option will require you to set up some type of area on your site in which the open positions created within your WebbyLinks account can be displayed. You will need to create a new page or a defined area (DIV Region) and place the iframe code within it. This code is accessed through the users account from the set up menu item in the dashboard.

    Don't have a webmaster? No Problem we can help!

    In additon you will need to offer a linked location on your site in which your users can easily access the positions, this can be done by adding a new menu item, a button, a tab or a text link. The method is entirely your choice so that you can match the look and feel of your own web site.

    You may elect to use the WebbyLinks™ button or not, this is just one option, you may use any button style of your choice.

  • Off of your site with a link to a page hosted by WebbyLinks™.
  • This option requires a link of some type to be created on your existing web site (i.e text link, button, tab or menu item) that when selected will route your users to your open positions.

    WebbyLinks will host a page that is identified as your company with the open positons you have created in your account listed there. The account details are provided and the ability to apply to the positions and upload a resume is also contained within your open positions page.

Note - We are happy to help get you set up - dont hesitate to contact us at support@webbylinks.com.
Create a Job posting

Step 3: Create at least one job posting:

Access your account dashboard and select create position and add a job post. Simply complete the fields provided and save the job. Job information is then displayed on your open positions page.

Note that the contact information for the position you create defaults to the user account information, if you need to to change that for a specific position you may do so here.

Once the positon is created and saved it will be displayed in the location set up in step 2 above.

Step 4: Recieve resumes in your email account:

Applicants that respond to your positions may elect to upload a resume. Once they have applied all of their details will be sent to your email along with an attached resume.

In additon, all applicant information is stored for the life of your account for you to access at aytime through your dashboard.

Step 5: Maintain your positions:

You may create new, edit existing or close positions within your WebbyLinks account at any time.

There is no time limit set for the length of time a positon remains posted. Have frequent openings? With WebbyLinks™ you can leave the position open and gather resumes all year!