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The Affordable, Alternative Job Posting Solution for Employers

You set up an account - link to our software - post your positions - It's that easy and your open positions are made available through your business website to the public.

With WebbyLinks™ you can refer inquiries regarding open positions to your website where they will be displayed to the public through a link to a page on your site (through an iframe) or on our server to a page formatted to look like your site. You can access your account from the customer login from our menu and change, update or delete position information at any time.

When an applicant applies to your position you will recieve an email notification and a copy of their uploaded resume to your inbox.

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Job Posting

Why pay $300.00+ for one employment posting?

It is not uncommon for recruiting services to charge that for an ad that runs only one month!

With our service you can post the ads you need at any time and leave them up as long as you need.

Our subscription service is much cheaper than any recruiting software and provides the flexibility you need to keep your job posting current.

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Job Posting

Its Easy to Create Job Postings and Maintain Them Through Our Customer Access Area

When you create an account we provide you access to create your positons at your convienence.

The positions you create will be avaialble for the life of your account.. You can run an ad, if you fill it quickly you simply go in and change the status of the ad from open to closed - need the same ad again in two months? No problem, change the status of the ad back to open and edit any details to make it current again.


Job Posting

Dont Lose Track of Interested Candidates that Contact You Throughout the Year

Do you get calls asking if you have any open positions? If so you can now refer them to your website to review and apply to your ongoing positions. The potential candidate will be able to enter basic contact information and upload a resume - which will be emailed to you!

Then when you need to hire again you will have contact information of individuals who were interested in working with your company right in your account.

frequent hiring needs

Have frequent Hiring needs?

If you work in an industry that has a high turnover rate it may be necessary to have one or more open postings at all times.

With our service you can list generic positons that meet your ongoing needs and leave them up as long as you like, offering you the option to gather resumes all year round.

Staffing Company? Contact Us for special high volume posting packages created just for you. support@webbylinks.com


Job Posting

An Affordable Solution

WebbyLinks™ offers a monthly subscribtion service with several plans to choose from. You may only need one to three postings from time to time - with an active account you can decide when a job gets posted.

With WebbyLinks you can post your ads only as you need them or if you have regular hiring needs you can keep an ad active year round.

You can increase the number of posts you need as your business grows.

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Job Posting

Its Easy to Set up and Access

When you create an account we will send you detailed informaiton about how to set up the WebbyLink so that potential candidates will see the position you created on your website.

You may elect to have a new page or region built on your site or simply link off of your site to an open positons page created just for you.

We provide full support to set up.

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